About Us

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Meet Nila, a young couple with a passion for living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They met in college while studying environmental science and quickly bonded over their shared love for the outdoors and natural living. After graduation, they spent a year traveling to various national parks and learning about different cultures and their approaches to sustainability. 

Inspired by their travels and determined to make a positive impact on the environment, Nila decided to open their own natural store. They wanted to create a space where people could easily access all natural, soul-friendly products and learn about healthy living. They carefully curated a selection of products that were free of artificial ingredients and full of groove, and made sure to source them from suppliers who shared their commitment to sustainability.

A popular destination for people looking to live a healthier and more sustainable life. They were grateful to be able to share their passion with their customers and were thrilled to see the positive impact their store was having on the community. As their business grew, they remained committed to their values and continued to source the highest quality natural products for their customers.