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Kizer Cormorant Elmax Blade Fatcarbon Handle Ki4562A6 (3.17" Black SW)

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The Cormorant is built and designed by Kizer, which is a elegant folding knife outfitted with bestmaterials.

It has a clip point blade made from quality ELMAX steel. The multi colored fat carbon handle houses a button lock that allows easy one-handed operation. 

Elmax Steel Is Good For Knives

The Cormorant Blade made from ELMAX steel. Elmax steel is very hard with excellent edge retention and durable.

Moisture corrosion-resistant. Extremely tough durable and high hardness. Easy to sharpen.

Multi Color Fatcarbon Handle Material

Cormorant’s handle is made of Fatcarbon. Feels fantastic in hand. FAT Carbon Materials is beautifully unique and high quality carbon fiber materials.

Perfect for knife making. Their amazing patterns and metal infused resins look incredible on any project. The pattern has alternating layers of unidirectional carbon fiber with layers of copper infused epoxy giving it a unique stacked look.  


  • Model: Cormorant

  • Model Number: Ki4562A6

  • Overall Length: 7.31"

  • Opener: Thumb Hole/Front Flipper

  • Blade Style: Clip Point

  • Blade Length: 3.17"

  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"

  • Blade Material: Elmax steel

  • Handle Length: 4.17"

  • Handle Material: Multi-colored Fatcarbon

  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up

  • Weight:3.17oz.

  • Lock Type: Button lock

  • Produced by Bohler-Uddenholm, ELMAX steel is a "high chromium-vanadium-molybdenum-alloyed steel," made of 1.7 percent carbon, 18 percent chromium, .3 percent manganese, 1 percent molybdenum, .8 percent silicon, and 3 percent vanadium.

This composition allows for the metal to have high wear resistance, high compressive strength, superior corrosion resistance, and very good dimensional stability, or the ability to retain its size and form even after taking a beating

  • Powder-metallurgy-based production allows for its imperviousness to wear.